Why Arterran Advanced Fuel is the #1 Solution to Climate

As current technology does not provide a viable, renewable fuel for the world's coal fired facilities to adopt without modifications, Arterran's Advanced Fuel (AAF) provides the ability to simply switch these facilities, from the world's #1 climate problem,
to the world's #1 climate solution.

The Climate Problem

Halving global energy‐related CO2 emissions by 2050, a target set by the international community, will require doubling the generation of renewable energy by 2020. Solid biofuels, fuels derived from biomass or renewable waste feedstocks, are by far the largest renewable energy source, so are likely to play an important role in a low-carbon future.

The Coal Problem

The 8 billion tonnes of coal burned annually to produce heat and electricity in the world creates 18.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, 37 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide, and 17 million tonnes of nitrogen oxide as well as 4.5 million kilograms of mercury.

The Arterran Solution

Arterran’s Advanced Fuel (AAF) is made from biomass, the world’s only renewable carbon. Unlike conventional wood pellets or natural gas, as a drop-in replacement for thermal coal, Arterran Advanced Fuel (AAF) requires no modification to existing coal fired infrastructure prior to use. This allows for the world’s generators to simply phase out coal, from 1-100%, without added conversion cost, and expedite coal’s displacement, not the facility.

More Renewable Energy

Coal to bio-pellets provides more energy, at less cost In the UK experience 5X more for with 50% less support. These finding are corroborated by UVIC’s 2060 project also. As Arterran’s lower cost of production offers a lower priced, ‘no conversion cost’ advanced fuel superior to wood pellets the savings can be even greater and expedite switching coal plants to 100% renewable.

More GHG Reductions

UK Government analysis which also shows replacing coal with densified biomass generates significant carbon savings at lower cost. Unlike intermittent sources of power Arterran’s base load renewable fuel can create power on demand, 100% of the time. This requires no storage costs, and provides more renewable power in place of coal, and natural gas.

More Lifelong Careers

Biomass creates by far the most long-term, operating jobs of any energy source: up to 5.5 per MW vs. 0.2-0.7 per MW for PV solar and on-shore wind. BC’s 2015 clean energy stats support these findings to reveal a bioenergy industry creating 10X as many lifelong operations positions than all other renewable sources, and 5X natural gas per MW of generation.

About Arterran

Our process for the production of energy is a simple one starting with the most common substance on the planet: cellulose.
In simplest terms, what mother nature does within the Earth, over 100 million years to densifying thermal coal, we do within a bioreactor,
in less than one hour, and renewably.

The net result is an advanced solid biofuel with increased energy density, better handling characteristics,
reduced operating costs, generating better margins, and capable of expediting thermal coal’s displacement from 1 to 100%
within existing coal fired infrastructure, without any modifications.

It’s now possible to simply switch the world’s #1 climate problem, to the world’s #1 climate solution.
It’s time to phase out the fossil fuel, not the generating facility.




Tech Awards

Tech Awards

Arterran Renewables named Tech Awards Intel Environment Finalist

August 2015: The Tech Awards, recognizing individuals and organizations who create and use technology to develop lasting and beneficial solutions to solve global challenges. The Intel Environment Award highlights innovators and their achievements which mirror our commitment to environmental stewardship and which embrace The Tech Awards credo — Technology benefiting humanity.

Startup Canada Award

Startup Canada Award

Arterran Renewables Wins Startup Canada Award for Sustainable Development

September 2015: The Startup Canada Award for Sustainable Development is presented by TELUS to Arterran Renewables for exhibiting excellence in its approach to the environment, ethics, community interaction, and corporate social responsibility for our development of a new, disruptive innovation, Thermocatalytic Transformation, able to produce renewable, sustainable base load energy as the world's 1st 'drop in' replacement for thermal coal.

Governor-General’s Innovation Award

Governor-General’s Innovation Award

Arterran Renewables Nominated for Governor-General’s Innovation Award

December 2015: The Governor General’s Innovation Awards are presented to individuals, teams and/or organizations whose innovations are:

Truly exceptional;
Transformative; and,
Positive in their impact on quality of life in Canada.

Arterran is honored to be nominated for the Governor-General's Innovation Award, celebrating the very best in Canadian innovation, as producers of a new and revolutionary carbon neutral solid biofuel to replace thermal coal.

Top 15 Smart Grid Company

Top 15 Smart Grid Company

Arterran Renewables named as one of the top 15 smart grid companies to watch in 2015

June 2015: The future of the electrical grid calls for the deployment of smarter, renewable DERs - Distributed Energy Resources of solar, wind and biomass technologies presenting viable, sustainable, clean energy closer to demand centers, creating a more secure, decentralized grid, reducing line loss, and providing local employment.

Arterran Renewables is honored to be recognized by Smart Grid News for our proprietary disruptive tech's ability to provide reliable, on demand baseload renewable powerboth as a solution to replace thermal coal and a solution to address the intermittency of solar and wind.


Arterran Advanced Fuel - A Direct Replacment For Coal

Coal-to-biomass retrofit in Alberta

Coal-to-biomass retrofit in Alberta Victor Keller et al. paper A., Coal-to-biomass retrofit in Alberta –value of forest residue bioenergy in the electricity system. “Alternative scenarios were compared to evaluate the effect of a biomass retrofit Read more…

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